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Natural Earth Loving and Appreciated REsources


We offer products that are created solely from natural resources. We exclude the presence of plastic, which can have bisphenol A and other Phtalats, Silikones, substances of preservative and other hazardous components and harmful chemicals for human health in our products.

Earth LoVing:
We love our beautiful planet, which is why we sell sustainable products and strive for the lowest possible carbon footprint at every stage of production. Therefore we carefully select and sell products created only by European manufacturers, who uphold the high standards.

Sustainability, ecology and health are our highest values.

Appreciated REsources
We choose suppliers who can ensure us a high level of quality, which will create a longer lasting product life. 

It is important for us to prolong the product live cycle, therefore we are working to enhance our services and will offer in the near future restoration and and resale of former sold toys and products.
Our plan is to provide a unique service for our customers, which will allow them to return our product and after restoration we will be able to sell this product at a reduced price to a client who shares our idea of recycling resources. That has a beneficial effect on the environment, the company and the personal economy of your family.

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