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The products we offer are of a high standard of approval without the use of plastic or other harmful chemicals. We are committed to creating an overall safe environment where parents do not have to worry about their toddlers ingesting microplastics from an early age or breathing in plastic fumes that can also harm a child's development.
Therefore, we only use natural products such as wood, safety glass, steel, organic cotton, wool, linen or silk, as well as natural dyes.

We are looking for new partners for cooperation!

You or your company share our vision and attitude towards our loving planet. You use natural and harmless materials for the production of goods for children, we will be glad to cooperate with you.
Write in detail about your products, material, production method and attach a photo of your product.

Contact us with the subject line "collaboration" and
we will contact you and discuss your offer.

We are glad that there are more and more people with conscious consumption every day. This will give our children a chance for a better future on planet Earth.

Afterall we trade with Naturally Earth Loving and Appreciated REcourses.


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